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Brand story

COASTA NATURALS is born out of a simple idea of making high quality natural products using local farm produce of coastal Andhra region. We believe in value addition at farm level to increase life and monetary value of our local agro-produce while also passionately strive to provide best quality health foods for customers all over. Our brand "Coasta Naturals" itself means natural products that Coastal Andhra region has to offer for rest of India and world (Coastal Andhra regoin is generally referred as "COASTA Andhra" in local telugu language). We process our natural coconut based food products from coconuts grown in local farms of East and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh, which have centuries old presence. All the coconuts grown here are from east coast tall breed coconut trees, which are native and desi variety only available in eastern coastal line mainly in Andhra Pradesh. This breed coconuts are very small in size but have unquestionable quality of taste, fresh aroma and high nutritional values. Extracting coconut oil using cold pressed methods is an age old tradition in coastal Andhra and coconut oil is a forgotten super food which has raised again from ashes in the wake of ever increasing adoption to natural healthy food products by conscious customers.

Our Factory and process

All Coasta Naturals products are processed and packed at our state of art processing plant located at APIIC Mega food park, Mallavalli. We use semi automatic Indian made machinery to process coconuts into various food products. First coconuts are carefully selected and de-husked at farm level. We pay the farmers upfront and bring de-husked coconuts to the factory and store them under healthy conditions. We process the coconut in less than 7 days once it has reached the factory premises. Process started with de-watering the nut, de-shelling the outer brown hard shell and peeling of inner top brown layer of coconut by our trained workforce. After peeling off, the white kernel is made into small pieces and they are made to pass through steam water for sterilization process and are then disintegrated into fine powder. We extract coconut milk and then oil is separated using centrifuge gravity separation. No abnormal heat is applied through out the process thus making the Virgin coconut oil 100% cold pressed. Our unit is ISO9001:2015, ISO22000:2018 and FSSAI food certified for its quality & safety of process and products made.

Story of Cold pressed oils

There are three phases of Indian edible oil story. In the first phase, until last 3 decades we used traditional native Indian cooking oils like Coconut oil, Groundnut oil, Sesame and Mustard oil which are prepared using cold pressed methods where 50% of oil content can be extracted. In second phase, this method of cold pressed oil extraction is replaced by hot press machine or mill extraction where more than 90% of recoveries and profits are achieved by factories where as products nutrients levels are compromised. Liberalization of India lead to third phase where chemical refining process has been developed where every last drop of oil (99% of residual oil) is extracted using chemical refining methods. Processes like Refining followed by bleaching and deodorizing lead to harmful effects on consumers in long run. Along with refining, blending of cheap oils like cottonseed, sunflower and palm oils has changed entire ecosystems of Indian edible oil tradition and habits. In the wake of health consciousness and proved health disorders led by refined cooking oils, there has been a tectonic shift of customers from cheap refined oils to premium cold pressed cooking oils, which are healthy and safe. While any oil is extracted used cold pressed method, no abnormal heat is generated while extracting process, thus keeping the nutrients profile intact. Its natural aroma and taste remains same and gives you that extra pinch of natural flavor in every bite of food.

Why is Coconut oil healthy

Coconut oil is one of the most controversial and also hyped food product ever found in the market. It has very long age old tradition of applications like in ayurvedic medicine, daily lifestyle and cooking activities from ancient days in India. It is indeed considered as super-food for its high level of nutrients that found nowhere in nature except mothers milk. Coconut oil contains high levels of lauric acid as its main constituent which is well regarded for its immunity developing properties. Coconut oil is anti bacterial and anti viral making it best baby care product used for skin and hair. Its has high nutritional values which helps keeping our hair healthy and strong from roots. Application of coconut oil for hair and also to skin is a daily routine for Indian culture.

Coconut oil for cooking:-

Cold pressed coconut oil is best cooking oil and is favorite for health conscious people for its healthy fatty acid composition and lauric acid content which improves immunity and metabolism if consumed. Coconut oil having high smoke point makes it best suitable for indian cousine where hot stirs and deeps fries are favorite. Due to its cold pressed extraction process, coconut oil has crystal clear color, natural coconut taste and fresh aroma making it most preferred cooking oil these days. It increases HDL (Good cholesterol) and decreases LDL (Bad cholesterol) levels in body and makes our heart friendly.

Our Founder

Coasta Naturals (Vepuri Agro Products Pvt Ltd) is founded by Mr. Venkata Vikas Vepuri, an young first generation entrepreneur. He has completed his B.tech in Civil Engineering and PG in NICMAR, Pune. He worked in corporate for few years before venturing into his dream project. His dream of setting up a state of art coconut processing plant in Andhra pradesh which would be first of its kind in his home state is now a reality. He explored every town and district of coconut growing southern states and coconut growing countries like Thailand and Philippines for studying the domestic and international coconut markets, best practiced methods and most successful machines for about 17 months on his 2 wheeler. Later he was allotted with Industrial land in APIIC mega food park by AP state govt. for established coconut processing unit, which he did completed and opened on 06th Dec 2019, exactly 2 years after he incorporated his company on the same day of 2017. He believes in adding most possible value to the farm produce at farm level to elevate the financial status of farmer which is the only solution for the farm distress. His coconut factory and business are his first steps in doing what he believes.

Mr. Venkata Vikas Vepuri


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